Our Partners

At Showcase, we partner with the EnTouch, and Phonoscope cable systems to bring your business message to our viewers in the Houston area.

Here's the Challenge:

How do you reach 2.3 million viewers in one of the most demographically diverse and fourth most populous cities in the United States? The city of Houston, at 655 square miles, is big enough to contain the cities of New York, Washington, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Minneapolis and Miami. Houston is the nation’s demographic future, with more than 90 languages spoken here.

Here's the Answer:

EnTouch and Phonoscope. Two distinctly unique communications companies that cover this vast area with a variety of services and channels that speak to our unique market, and we package it so that your message reaches only the viewers you need, not a scattered media platform. Consider using EnTouch to reach upscale single family residences in Fort Bend and Harris Counties. The booming communities of Sugar Land, Katy, Cypress, 249 up to The Woodlands..

EnTouch Coverage Map


EnTouch is right in the middle of them all. EnTouch is Houston’s fastest growing cable company because of our unmatched bundles of services including cable, internet, phone, home security, electricity. Our products, service and reputation make EnTouch one of the most desirable package providers in Houston.

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Phonoscope is our partner in delivering that same kind of reach at a great value. We service virtually every hospital in the Texas Medical Center, virtually every school district in the Houston area. Phonoscope, with subscribers from Downtown to Greenway Plaza, Midtown to Uptown, The Energy Corridor and neighborhoods all around Houston, the Phonoscope footprint delivers a captive audience to a very specific demographic. So, that’s the challenge, and that is how EnTouch and Phonoscope answer it, by delivering value and specificity for most any brand, by combining the right channels in the most impactful neighborhoods and giving advertisers choices that make sense, and that you can’t find anywhere else.

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Phonoscope Coverage Map