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Entouch Cable is committed to customer-centric quality and service. It is their goal to provide outstanding customer service as well as premium products designed with the customer in mind. Entouch is actively involved in the community, participating and sponsoring in activities that benefit the residents who use their services. They are headquartered in Houston with employees who live and work in the area, so you know they share the interests of your customers. Just a few of the areas they serve include:

  • Cypress
  • Katy
  • Richmond
  • Spring
  • Sugar Land
  • The Woodlands

Service Code: 8324


In an age of rapidly changing technology, Phonoscope Cable provides customers with new ways of connecting with each other, whether it is through internet connections that let them see and hear family members no matter where in the world they live or the latest television show everyone is talking about. The company offers powerful fiber communications that support enterprises, schools, universities and hospitals as well as residential customers. The company is aware of the need to reduce its carbon footprint, using silica glass to transmit data. Silica glass is made from sand, uses less energy and creates less pollution than copper fiber.

Phonoscope was founded in 1952 by W.T. Carter, Jesse Jones and Lee Cook with celebrities like Bing Crosby and Henry King joining the company in 1956. The company as a pioneer in distance learning, offering the service in 1957. Today, Phonoscope is the largest privately owned pure light metro fiber optic network in the country, serving the Energy Corridor downtown where many of your customers live, work and play.

Service Code: 4186
Entouch Coverage Map

Entouch Coverage Map

Phonoscope Coverage Map

Phonoscope Coverage Map

Harris-Fort Bend Interconnect

EnTouch and Phonoscope combine to form the Harris-Fort Bend Interconnect. They reach thousands of households each day with their television programming. Each day, people throughout the area see advertising, some of which may be from your competitor. Don’t let them have that advantage. Talk to us today about creating the perfect advertising campaign and get it into the homes of people who are likely to benefit from your product or service.

Service Code: 8656
Harris-Fort Bend Interconnect Coverage Map

Harris-Fort Bend Interconnect
Coverage Map

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