In addition to television advertising, Showcase Media offers programmatic advertising as well. Through display and video pre-roll, Showcase Media can provide you with a marketing plan that works best for your company.

Display Advertising

Display advertising includes banner ads and rich media which are different than text-based advertising. Instead, the advertising relies on images, audio and video to get your message to consumers. If you have ever clicked on a banner ad or text billboard on a website, you have responded to a display advertisement. A display ad can be native advertising that blends into the website as if it was part of the company itself or may clearly look like advertisements that may have been placed by a supplier or manufacturer used by the website owner. Showcase Media can help you create a visually stimulating display ad that will encourage customers to click on it. Our staff understands the need to be experimental when these types of advertisements are used but also to complement your website so that they are not intrusive to the user.

Video Pre-Roll

Video pre-roll advertisements can be powerful advertising tools. Pre-roll ads are those that run before the main video begins on a website. When a customer clicks on a video, their attention is already on the subject that is contained in the video. Although some consumers may complain about ads running before a video, there are ways to make them less intrusive which can actually improve the standing of your company with customers. Tools like allowing a customer to skip an ad after a few seconds or starting on mute so it is not disruptive gives your company that reputation of caring for customers, even customers who may not have purchased from them yet.

If you are in the market for advertising, Showcase Media can help you throughout the process. Contact us today by calling 713-541-3505 or send an email to