Social Media Advertising

We can provide the following for your company Facebook page:

  • Unique Posts – We will post 5 times per week on your Facebook page. These posts will be a combination of custom graphics, calls to action to visit the website and company-based news.
  • Interacting with Other Pages – To help catch the eye of complementary, non-competing businesses. This will lead to more sharing of company content and status updates and introduce people to the brand.
  • Creating Custom Images – Up to two custom graphics per week
  • Customer Service – When people are unhappy or happy about a program or product, they’ll often head to social media to voice their opinions. We’ll respond to any feedback that’s received promptly and courteously. We’ll also answer any questions that potential users may have.
  • Facebook Ads – Ad Management is part of our social media services. This includes:
    • Ad concept and copy
    • Management of the campaign
    • Analytic reports
    • Graphic design/appropriate paid for stock photo
    • Audience targeting
    • Adjusting ads as needed to maximize results
    • Determining what content is best to send them to
    • A/B testing between multiple ads within the same campaign

We can target whomever you’d like us to with Facebook ads, and if you want to spend more per month on ads we can accommodate that growth.

We can help you un-follow those who do not follow your profile while adding followers to your account based on geographic location and keywords. In addition, we can help you with the following on your Twitter account:
  • Daily Tweets – An average of 4 tweets a day/5 days per week. Approximately 20-30% of the content will be self-promotional, the rest of the focus will be on providing value to the community and interacting with the company’s target audience.
  • Hashtag Creation and Management – We’ll keep a close eye on trending topics, and when appropriate, jump in on the conversation using the appropriate hashtag. This will help increase visibility of the company, as well as lead to more followers and interaction.
  • Customer Service – We’ll monitor for people tweeting about the company, even if they don’t @them directly. If they have something awesome to say, we’ll make sure to retweet, favorite and let everyone know. If they have something negative to say, we’ll let you know immediately and respond to them promptly and courteously. And if they have questions, we’ll answer them right away.
  • Keyword Monitoring – We’ll use Hootsuite to monitor for people talking about particular topics relevant to your company, and jump in and interact as necessary.
  • Follow other pinners – 1 per day; 5 per week; Share/like/comment on other images within your target market 2-3 per week; Re-pin other pinner’s images (2 – 3 re-pins per week)
  • Original Pins – We’ll create original pins that will promote the company and engage people who love what it offers, but don’t know it yet. Infographics with writing tips, humorous memes, etc. are all great types of content that will get repinned, and put the company in front of the right audience. An average of three per day is included.
  • Engagement – Interacting and pinning content from other sites that have a “Pin It” button next to them will help to build the relationships you need to bring the company to the next level. This will also ensure that you’re not being viewed by users as being overly self-promotional.
  • Creating Boards – We’ll create an average of one new board a week, based on what your followers are interested in.
Showcase Media can also help you grow your base of followers with Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.